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Fire in his fingertips a smoldering fireman enchants


It will be familiar to fans of romance novels to see this setting, and Fire in His Fingertips is very much a manga response to American-style romance fiction and women’s erotica in the same vein. While Ryo is a successful business lady with a vaguely defined office job, she hangs out with her childhood pal Souma, who has grown up to be a ripped and hot firefighter. She tries everything she can to keep his sassy womanizing under control and set him up with her pals, but to no avail: 

Fire in His Fingertips an Unexpectedly

You refuse to zip up your pants and settle down, she screams. Afterwards, Souma saves Ryo from a fire in her apartment building, and before he knows it, she’s moved in next door. He’s inviting himself over for hot, albeit somewhat questionably consensual romance. However, with Ryo’s new lifestyle of near-constant boning and being rescued from fires soap2day on an unexpectedly frequent basis, who has time to think about their affections for one another?

Anyone who has the impression that romance books are mostly about romance may be surprised by the frequent and graphic scenes that appear in them. As Souma habitually pulls Ryo’s clothing off and ravishes her for page after page, despite Ryo’s almost-but-not-quite protests, “flirty” is a kind description of the situation. Because the couple’s early encounters are uncomfortably low on consent, romance fans who are scared off by borderline rapey protagonists are encouraged to look elsewhere for their thrills. 

Various Situations

After a while, Fire in His Fingertips becomes a mix of around 80 per cent romantic scenes, 10 percent cute romantic moments, and 10 per cent Souma rescuing Ryo from various situations.Even if the romance in this romantic manga is excellent, the title is the most memorable aspect of the story. Tatsuya Tanishi creates cute but generic characters with sketched-in backgrounds, yet she is immensely enthusiastic about depicting romantic scenes. 

New Methods

Because by the conclusion she’s already trying to come up with new methods to include firefighting into the story (how about. Souma pays a visit to Ryo’s office to demonstrate fire safety?) the notion may not be able to hold up over an extended period. However, for the time being, Fire in His Fingertips provides a modest quantity of flirting as well as a satisfactory level of heat.

Ryo has finally allowed Souma into the house, despite her protests. They’ve admitted their feelings, and now their awkward love is developing into something more profound, both in body and in spirit, between them. Being a firefighter’s girlfriend, on the other hand, is not simple! When Souma’s job threatens to derail everything, it isn’t surprising that Ryo’s ex-boyfriend, Rei, shows up at her place of employment.

Bottom Line

Fujihashi Ryo likes her job as an office worker, but it isn’t as thrilling as her childhood friend Mizuno Souma’s profession as a firefighter. He and his gorgeous pals love to regale ladies with epic tales. The office girl wants to set up Souma with Ryo, but he’s too much of a playboy to settle down. When he saves her from a fire in her building, a different type of spark begins to fly! For Mature Readers, a feisty couple ratchets up the heat.

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