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PGSharp is a free Android app that lets you change your Pokémon GO GPS location. This product allows you to control the growth of your Symbol without actually moving. Variable strolling speed, computerised strolling, and joystick support are all high level elements that can help you get Pokémon from the comfort of your own home. PGSharp is available for free download. However, the key it provides has a time limit.

What is PGSharp?

Pokémon GO, which appeared quite a while back, is as yet one of the most well known cell phone rounds ever. It includes never-before-seen expanded reality while likewise acquiring back recollections of youth the 1990s. While playing the game, you can find, catch, and train Pokémon that show up in your ongoing region. The game does, in any case, have its limits, as you should take off from your home and travel around to meet various creatures.

To resolve this issue, PGS Tech Ltd. made PGSharp, a utility instrument that permits you to recreate your GPS area and development. With its assistance, you might stroll about without moving and get a few Pokémon rapidly and just. Since the product doesn’t restrict the magically transport distance, you can counterfeit your strategy for getting around the world while as yet dozing in your bed. PGSharp has an auto-walk choice, the capacity to change strolling beat, and the capacity to involve a joystick in the latest form.

What may PGSharp clients anticipate?

In the wake of downloading the PGSharp APK, you can promptly counterfeit your area in Pokémon GO. Different additional elements in the product make the game more straightforward to play. You can find Pokémon that are usually inaccessible in your city or region by faking your area. Essentially use the magically transport system to make a trip starting with one district then onto the next.

PGSharp additionally permits clients to change their symbol’s strolling speed. By turning the joystick around in this style, clients have some control over the speed at which their personality strolls. The program likewise has an auto-walk mode that proves to be useful while you’re trusting that the eggs will incubate. This element doesn’t need the client to contact the joystick..

Is PGSharp a protected program?

Downloading and utilizing PGSharm is 100 percent sans risk. Assuming that you use PGSharp to counterfeit your area, however, you can run into certain issues. The justification for this is that the game’s engineer, Niantic, is extremely worried about giving a fair gaming experience to all players all through the world. On the off chance that it finds you utilizing a spoofer application, it might forbid your record from the application.

PGSharp keeps clients from mocking their area by expecting them to make a phony Pokémon Coach Club (PTC) account. This guarantees that in the event that an individual is prohibited, their primary PTC account isn’t impacted. To try not to draw in Niantic’s notification, clients shouldn’t change their area on the guide too often, as per the application.

Is PGSharp now accessible free of charge?

PGSharp is a free program that permits you to play Pokémon GO from the solace of your own home. There is likewise a superior release of the application that backings up to two gadgets and contains highlights like Fast Catch, Skip Develop, and Pokémon feed. The top notch version of PGSharp furthermore upholds the games Gotcha and Go In addition to.

Pros & Cons


  • It is accessible for nothing download and utilize.
  • You have the choice of faking your area.
  • It works with Pokémon GO.


  • Your primary PTC account may be suspended.
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